“We have been a customer of Bluefin Seafood since 2000. Over those years, we have always had not only the the highest quality products, but have also experienced excellent customer service.”

Dave Malthaner,
Executive Chef
Napa River Grill




Bluefin Seafoods Corporation was founded in 1991, with 2 refrigerated trucks and 7 employees in a leased meat packing facility.... Our clientele began with independent restaurants including many James Beard award winners. Since that time it has grown to include over 400 Independent Restaurants, Hotels, Supermarkets, Country Clubs and National Restaurant Chains.

Our commitment to customers and our expertise in purchasing led to triple digit growth each of our first 5 years. Since then we have expanded geographically and increased sales every year for 18 consecutive years.

In 2003 Bluefin built a new HACCP approved production facility at 617 E Washington Street in downtown Louisville. From our humble beginnings in 1991, we have grown to 46 team members and 16 refrigerated delivery trucks.



Customer Relations: Bluefin will treat all customers with honesty and integrity.  We will not misrepresent seafood species or weights.  Loyal customers will be treated as long term partners.

Supplier Relations: Bluefin will treat suppliers as partners, helping those who help us.  We will pay our bills before they are due, reject product, and adjust invoices honestly.

Quality and Safety: Bluefin will only deliver high quality products.  All products must be bought, processed and packed under conditions that exceed federal guidelines.

Employee Dignity: All employees of Bluefin will be treated with individual dignity regardless of position. Work ethic and team attitude will be valued more than position.

Employee Advancement: Bluefin will always first look internally for employees to advance to higher level jobs.  However, we will not hold back the company or its employees by promoting less qualified people.

Employee Ownership: Bluefin will contribute 20% of all after-tax profits to the company profit-sharing pool.  This will be distributed three times a year to our employees, essentially making all team members shareholders.

Company Growth: Bluefin will aggressively pursue 15% to 20% profitable yearly sales growth in all market areas.  However, current customer satisfaction will never be sacrificed for new sales.

Long Range Vision: All decisions at Bluefin will be made with the long range vision of improving our employees lifestyles, providing the best seafood value to our customers and being good partners to our suppliers. Without long term profits, none of this will be possible.

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Ken Berry - As President, Ken’s main focus at Bluefin is in purchasing and strategic management. He is involved daily in purchasing because “we can’t fix a bad fish”.

Ken started in the seafood business by working on shrimp boats off the Carolina coast in the 1970s. A graduate of the University of Kentucky, his only job has been seafood. In 1984 he started Atlantic Seafoods with a partner. In 1991 he founded Bluefin Seafoods.

All new vendors must pass Ken’s strict quality and sanitation criteria before they are allowed to ship the 1st pound of seafood to Bluefin. He has visited seafood docks and processors in more than a dozen countries and all major ports in the US.

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Purchasing Philosophy

Bluefin believes in being a great partner to everyone we touch, including suppliers. The challenges of buying and transporting quality seafood grow every day. We are very loyal to our best suppliers and logistics partners.  In the last 18 years Julie and Ken have contacted over 350 seafood suppliers from around the globe to get our current line-up. When we find a good one, we hang on to them! This philosophy combined with one of the highest Seafax PayScores in the industry, results in Bluefin Seafoods getting the “Top Of the Catch."

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Awards - As President, Ken’s main focus at Bluefin is in purchasing and strategic management. He is involved daily in purchasing because “we can’t fix a bad fish”.

1994 – Seafood Business Report – Marketing Excellence Award
1999- Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur Of The Year Award
2005 – Bonefish Grill - Vendor Partner Of The Year Award
2006 – Bonefish Grill - Vendor Partner Of The Year Award
2007 – Bonefish Grill - Vendor Partner Of The Year Award

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