“The service is very prompt and professional; and the seafood is the freshest and highest quality in the region.”

Michael Vissing
Executive Chef
Bristol Bar & Grill,
Louisville, Kentucky




In 2002, Bluefin purchased a 12,000 sq ft ice cream holding facility at 617 E. Washington Street in Louisville. The building was a huge insulated shell and perfect for our intentions. We spent a year renovating it to our specifications as a the ultimate HACCP approved seafood processing and distribution facility. We now have approximately 7500 sq ft of refrigerated space, 2500 sq ft of freezer space, and 4000 sq ft of office and dry storage space. Please contact your customer service representative to arrange a plant tour!



In 2004 we installed an Aqueous Ozone machine to inject ozone into all of our production and wash down water. We feel this is the technology of the future and wanted to be on the leading edge of American seafood companies using it. The results are better shelf life, lower bacterial plate counts, and increased food safety.



In addition to our headquarters in Louisville, (The Tuna Tower) we have sales and support offices in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. We feel you need fish boots on the ground to support your account, not just a phone call from miles away.



Bluefin is inspected by the FDA and Kentucky Health Dept twice annually; in addition, we are inspected by OSI, and Avendra annually. We have 3rd party audits on file from Microbac Laboratories and NSF.
We conduct and document weekly preprocessing plate counts and quarterly listeria tests.



At Bluefin, we are proud of our sanitation audit scores. But don't take our word for it! Download our recent audit!