“The Brown Hotel has been buying from Bluefin Seafood for over 20 years. I have been here for six years of that and have built a great relationship with them. They are always there for us in a pinch and send us the best quality available. I am a very demanding chef and Bluefin takes great
care of me.”

Laurent Geroli
The Brown Hotel
Louisville, KY

“We have been a customer of Bluefin's since 1998.
...we have always received the highest quality products and experienced excellent customer service.”

Dave Malthaner
Executive Chef
Napa River Grill
Louisville, Kentucky


Server Info Sheets

We offer our award-winning Server Info Sheets on species with which your staff may not be familiar. These sheets are designed to give your sales staff more information to help you sell your daily specials.

Download any of the Server Info Sheets listed below:

• Albacore Tuna-Tombo
• Antarctic Butterfish/Bluenose
• Cobia
• Corvina White Sea Bass
• Fresh Farmed Coho Salmon
• New Zealand Day Boat Snapper
• Opah
• Southern Bluefin Tuna
• Suzuki Mulloway
• Tasmanian Ocean Trout
• Wahoo "Ono"
• Yellowtail Hamachi




Bluefin believes our customers deserve more than a price list from their “Seafood Partner." Bluefin also strives to be your “Seafood Expert." Many companies sell thousands of items. We only sell seafood. If it doesn’t breathe, or live in water, we won’t carry it.

Our sales representatives will assist you in making the right seafood choices for your menu. We have found through the years that many customers are not aware of all the seafood options available. With over 350 seafood only items in stock, we have products that can create a better dining experience and improve food cost for the same dish. Bluefin’s sales team has extensive seafood knowledge. Many were chefs themselves. In addition they have access to many other resources of seafood information.



Joe Bonura

Joe has been with Bluefin sine 1991. After Johnson & Wale’s culinary school, he was a chef at renown Louisville restaurants Casa Grisanti and Vincenzo’s. His experience with the Kentucky restaurant culture is unmatched.

Contact – 800 877-1505 or 502 587-1505
Seth Hillyard

Seth started out as a full-time chef and then made the move to the Bluefin Seafoods customer support team in 2009. A native of Paducah, Kentucky, Seth is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys creating new menu ideas for our accounts.

Contact – 800 877-1505 or 502 587-1505
Jeremy Keller

Jeremy has been with Bluefin since 1999. Growing up on Lake Erie, then working his way up from data entry to one of our best Customer Support reps. His can do attitude is legendary.

Contact – 800 877-1505 or 502 587-1505



Andrew Goodrich

Andrew joined Team Bluefin in 2006 after 17 years of experience in both the culinary and food service sales arenas. A graduate of both Johnson & Wales and Miami University, he enjoys the challenges of helping chefs find new and exciting menu selections.

Contact – 800 877-1505
Erin Mason

Erin is the glue that holds the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky team together. She has been with Bluefin Seafoods since 2011 and co-ordinates the inside sales efforts in the region.

Contact – 800 877-1505
Gary Wong
Gary Wong

After 20 years of experience servicing Cincinnati area restaurants, Gary joined Team-Bluefin in 2009. Gary has a passion for great foods and service, and he shares that passion with each of his clients in the Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati area.

Contact – 800 877-1505



John Egerton

Earning degrees from La Maison Meridian and Sullivan College was just the beginning of John’s culinary adventures. He has done everything from commercial fishing and food service sales to owning his own restaurant. He truly has a  “Sea to Plate” perspective and passion for organizations such as Slow Foods and Southern Foodways Alliance.

Contact – 800 877-1505



Bluefin Seafoods developed these copyrighted Server Info Sheets early in our 18-year history. Winning the Seafood Business National Marketing Excellence award for this concept in 1994.The idea is simple. We found that many servers were not knowledgeable about some of the seafood options that our clients were featuring. The result was, the wait staff talked with more authority and did a better job selling the non seafood specials at tableside. These sheets are intended to be filled out with the nightly specials, sides, and suggested wine, then to be taped to the back of the kitchen “out” door. Hopefully giving your servers enough information to sell more seafood and receive bigger tips.

Please feel free to download the server sheets and print these off as needed.